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February 7, 2012
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NC - Star Trek 9 by MaroBot NC - Star Trek 9 by MaroBot
God damn this one is a borefest.

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Bigbuny Featured By Owner May 25, 2012
Does that hurt? Because I'm afraid to do it.
HELLISH-Werewolf Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Tell me what happened to th F**KING BLUE GUY OR THE PUPPY GETS IT :iconhellish-werewolf::iconpistolplz::icondogplz:
Sorantheman Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012
....what happened to the blue guy?
GuineaPigDan Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012   Filmographer
At first I thought this movie was pretty good, but upon rewatching it a few times, it just came off as really lame. But I wouldn't say this is the worst Star Trek movie like Linkara did. Final Frontier, for me, is the bottom of the barrel for Star Trek movies.

If there's anything related to Insurrection that's worth looking into, it'd be Fade In, an unpublished behind the scenes book written by Michael Pillar, the main writer for Insurrection. It's interesting to see his thought process and how the story changed from his earliest drafts.
Darkton93 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
You did a good job on Insurrection. Both of you. The weird thing is my original editor likes it quite a bit. Overall, I give it 1/5 for reasons you explained.

As for Nemesis...again, don't think I really need to say anything. You like it, Doug, so more power to you, but I'm afraid we'll just have to disagree. I give it a Not Even Considered/5.

Sadly, you won't get to cover the 09 film. I myself liked it a lot. They really captured the feel of Trek. I don't quite like the actionization of the movie, but it makes sense to draw in audiences. I like the visuals of the film a lot, as well as the scene with the Kelvin. Always makes me cry. 4/5

So, to sum it up:
Motion Picture: Slow, but has good ideas. Directors Cut is better. 2/5 normally, 4/5 Director's Cut.
Wrath of Khan: Awesome in every way. 5/5
Search for Spock: Don't like bringing Spock back. Otherwise, meh. 2/5
Voyage Home: Hilarious. 4/5
Final Frontier: Nothing that hasn't already been said. Not Even Considered/5
Undiscovered Country: Fitting sendoff to the TOS crew, but not quite Wrath of Khan. 3/5
Generations: Equal parts good and bad. 3/5
First Contact: A movie formed on the basis of a continuity error. 2/5
Insurrection: Backwards morality, little accomplishment. 1/5
Nemesis: Final Frontier for the Next Generation crew. Not Even Considered/5
Reboot: Lots of action, but very faithful. 4/5

Props to you, Doug!
notacukoofangirl121 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Student General Artist
You know, after watching the review for this, I take back every negative thing I thought about Star Trek Nemesis. (though the story was a tad weak there and it really didn't fit to end the TNG series...)

No wonder the odd numbered Trek movies are considered bad! (3 was the exception sort of)

1. Boring with little character development but had interesting ideas
3. A continuation without being it's own story but not bad.
5. Bad bad bad bad BAD!
7. Not much was explained (though seeing Picard and Kirk on screen together was cool)
9. The logic made no sense and it had the weakest villain.
maxvision92 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I still can't believe that's F. Murray Abraham as the bad guy.
KentaruZ Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Professional Writer
awesome :D
stevemacqwark Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Student General Artist
What's wrong with his face?
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